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Detailing, Inc. Takes Them by Air, Land, and Sea

With a series of hamlets and waterside villages known as The Hamptons located on the southern tip of the Long Island coastline as his backyard, Jason Vidivici of Detailing, Inc. has found a niche in upscale yacht detailing, luxury auto detailing, and detailing corporate aircraft. Catering to such an affluent clientele, Jason carries a Master level certification in advanced executive detailing and paint correction he feels are best accessible through training with Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success Network.

“I have always set high standards for myself and also for my staff because the customers I serve require impeccable customer service,” Jason says. “I am constantly training and retraining, making sure our staff is educated on all the different facets of our industry. We carry numerous certifications and attend continued education programs, and we are constantly attending tradeshows and seminars that keep us apprised of what is going on in our industry.”

With the recent acquisition of his biggest competitor in the yacht detailing business in The Hamptons, Jason Vidivici went from a hard-working one crew show to a staff of over 10 professionally trained high level detailers who service over 34 marinas in the Long Island area, as well as private planes, exotic automobiles, and high end luxury cars. “We are now able to work in teams,” Jason says, “and we send them out to service customers over a much wider area, obviously, than I was able to do with only one crew.”

In 2011, Jason joined an elite team of Detailing Success members at the Seattle Museum of Flight where he helped restore two historic paragons of U.S. aviation history — the first presidential jet plane (Air Force One), and a rare WWII B29 Bomber known as T-Square 54.

In addition to yachts, corporate and business aircraft are mainstream off Long Island where high-ranking executives require that their planes be pristinely maintained. “We tailor a range of services designed exclusively for the care of these precious high flying machines,” Vidivici says.