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About Detailing, Inc.

Long-Term Business

2012 Miami Beach AwardDetailing, Inc. Strives to Deliver Operational Excellence in Every Facet of the Company. That is one of the many reasons why Detailing, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious Best of 2012, Miami Beach award for Automobile Detailing.

We will continuously meet or exceed the expectations of every client we serve. All of our long term strategies and short term actions will be molded by a set of core values which are shared by all associates within Detailing, Inc.

Properly cleaning, detailing, and maintaining these multi-million dollar assets is not child's play. The executive owners we accommodate are those that take great pride within the appearance and condition of their valuables.

Prior to performing any project, we do an in depth client consultation which includes a complete visual inspection and surface assessment. This protects the interest of our client relations and also ensures that we deliver exactly what each client is expecting from us.

Following the consultation we then determine what the project entails and what needs to be restored and/or maintained going forward.

We create unparalleled client satisfaction by providing the finest quality detailing and appearance services serving The Hampton's, The North Fork and South Fork of Long Island, Suffolk County and Nassau County, New York, and NYC. We strive to be the industry leader known for high standards and impeccable customer service while consistently training and educating our staff through numerous certification and continuing education programs, as well as trade show affiliations.

We at Detailing Inc, have trained vigorously on the concepts of appearance and cosmetic revival, restoration, protection, and maintenance on today's single and multi-stage Auto, Marine, and Aero paints and gel coats as well as interior rejuvenation, systems of sterilization, and deep cleaning and conditioning.

Through vigorous testing we have perfected these methods and techniques creating experience and a passion for the best possible results, every time!